Southwest Harbor, ME (2.0)

Moving on from Maine

When last I wrote, we were leaving Halifax and as yet, undecided as to whether we would make it to ME or stop short in Lunenberg to await better weather. The weather did improve as we moved West allowing us to continue to Maine and we arrived in good spirits. After an uneventful visit from the US Customs and Border Patrol to clear us in, we all went to sleep for a nice 11 hour slumber.

The week in Maine was perfect in terms of weather and fun. Milt and Judy loaned us their car which we took to the Jordan Pound trails and enjoyed a 6 mile hike to the top of Penobscot mountain where we dined on a picnic lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with apples while sitting in the clouds. We were rained on and wet and tired and dirty when we emerged hours later to finish the hike around the beautiful pond, hiking on logs and rocks the remaining mile to the car. Rock jumping and hiking is Jack’s favorite, and anything to do with water is Alec’s favorite so we all finished the day incredibly happy and well.

Later in the week we took the bikes on the free LL Bean shuttle bus back to the Acadia National park in order to ride on the carriage paths built in the early 20th century by John D. Rockefeller Jr. Miles long and closed to all but foot or bicycle traffic, these carriage paths were built and later donated by the Rockefeller’s to be used exclusively by carriages. Readers may remember that when we were here last with the Lovett’s we took a carriage ride and learned a great deal about these paths, the park and the 16 stunning bridges that flank and connect these paths. The bridges are built from artisan stone workers and built to harmonize with the natural surroundings. I had hoped then that we could return with our bikes and spend a day enjoying the freedom of riding without concern for motorized traffic colliding with the 8 year old. Return we did and we had an amazing time enjoying the park in this way. The trees are just beginning their metamorphic change with the earliest red leaves just emerging. It was a great time to be in the park.

Another highlight of the week in Mt. Desert Island was the celebration of my 52nd b-day. Alec, Jack and Paul and April and I went to dinner at the lovely Asticuou Inn which has an outdoor patio overlooking Northeast Harbor. The weather was perfect for the entire week and we enjoyed high 60’s and low 70’s every day. Alec had several trips to Bealls for his favorite crustacean dinner and we managed to solve a couple of maintenance puzzles with the help of Paul aboard April K. All in all, the week couldn’t have been nicer. In fact, we were supposed to leave on Friday and we decided to stay a few days more – this time it wasn’t my request! It was April who wanted to stay and so we did – and none of us was disappointed. Next stop – The Dolphin Marina in Harpswell, ME.


Published by cruisingwithgratitude

Alec and Laurie Thyrre (both retired airline pilots) are making an effort to share and experience as much of this beautiful planet with their nearly 13 yr old son Jack and cat Pratt while traveling aboard a 64' Nordhavn boat. We started this adventure in 2018 and crossed the Atlantic in 2019.

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