Little Harbor, Liscombe and the Bras d’Or Lake

Little Harbor and the Bras d’Or lake If you read the last post, you were probably expecting to see Prince Edward Island at the title of today’s post. One of the best things about this type of travel is that, on a whim and at the last minute, plans can be altered. In fact, holdingContinue reading “Little Harbor, Liscombe and the Bras d’Or Lake”

“Connection” and Baddeck

“Connection” and Baddeck “Connection.” That was the word that Amanda, our new Canadian friend used twice when describing, on two separate occasions, what she sought when traveling in new communities. This got me thinking about my own traveling experiences and what we all seek on our “great explores”. Absolutely who could argue that when travelingContinue reading ““Connection” and Baddeck”

Maps, Flags and Practical Matters

Flags, Maps and Practical Matters While talking to my sister I was reminded today of a sentiment that I have shared on numerous occasions while reading the blogs of other cruisers. Sometimes when we are exploring and becoming; out of necessity as much as interest, intimately familiar with an area, we forget that people readingContinue reading “Maps, Flags and Practical Matters”