Well Done – Wight (Isle of Wight)

Well Done Wight!!! In this blog Im going to do something a little bit different. There are so many ideas swirling in my head and I’ve never been one to write what someone else wants to hear, I just write the words that flow through. Alec, my most honest critic shared with me that someContinue reading “Well Done – Wight (Isle of Wight)”

Good Bye Ireland- Hello England!

Good Bye Ireland, Hello England If you have been following along on the trip, you know that something is missing between Ireland  and England.   Such is the life of a cruising family.  We left in May feeling like we have years ahead at our disposal to enjoy traveling around foreign countries with nothing butContinue reading “Good Bye Ireland- Hello England!”

I Love Other Peoples Vacations – Dingle

I Love Other Peoples Vacations – Dingle!! The challenge of “living” on vacation, – as it could be said that we do, is the difficulty in maintaining balance. At first it really is a vacation but soon one discovers that sampling ice cream and pasty at every shop as one tends to do on vacationContinue reading “I Love Other Peoples Vacations – Dingle”