The Plan

All boaters have a saying that the plan is written in sand at low tide, obviously pointing out the necessity of flexibility in doing any type of cruising.  By it’s very nature, a rigid plan can only bring frustration at a minimum or disaster at it’s worse.  We are first at the whim of the weather – meaning we will only go when we have a certain degree of certainty that they weather we encounter will be no worse than uncomfortable.  Rule number 1 is that usually all efforts are made to keep the “pleasure” in pleasure boating.  Additionally, we don’t leave the dock with a known problem mechanically.  See Rule number 1.

That said, our loose plan this summer is to leave in time to have Gratitude North of the Florida/Georgia border by June 1, 2018.  We plan to head up the coast with a planned rendezvous with family in the Outer Banks of the Carolina’s in June.   Another meet up is planned with Alec’s brother’s family in Massachusetts in early July for Jack’s birthday.  We hope to head off from Maine with a group of Nordhavn’s to Nova Scotia in mid-July and then to Newfoundland after that.    Beyond that…. we aren’t sure.  The only thing we know is that we musn’t return to Florida until November 1.    This works very well with our desire to get a very good feel  for how this lifestyle works for us.  We are going to attempt to “home-school” Jack with the oversight and help from his current school at home and the entire trip should take 5 months.  It is our longer range plan and goal if all goes well this summer to return to Florida in November to complete some long-term maintenance and then head for Europe next May.    But the tide is out and the sand is soft – so we shall see where we end up….


The Vessel

Gratitude is a Nordhavn 64 hull number 3 in the series.  She was commissioned in 2006 by her original owners, Scott and Pam Marks.  Later she was sold to Martina and Braun Jones who cruised her across the Atlantic and in the Med.  as well as in the Bahamas and up and down the Eastern Seaboard and Canadian Maritimes under the name Ocean Pearl.

She is build in Taiwan by Pacific Asian Enterprises (PAE) and she is a full displacement passage making trawler with offshore capability.  She was designed and built with the range and ability to cross any ocean.  She has 4 staterooms 3 heads and an off watch bunk located in the wheelhouse allowing for the off watch crewman to be nearby should the helmsman require immediate assistance.


About The Journey and About Us

Alec and I began the journey really 5 years ago when we began planning and dreaming of purchasing a boat capable of crossing oceans and taking us to places we have only been in our imagination.  When Jack was born 7 years (July 4, 2010) ago, we began considering the options for his childhood.  We both wanted to give Jack something that was different than the conventional childhood.  We wanted an alternative experience.  Initially, we decided to buy a home on an island and take a couple of years to live there when Jack was old enough to appreciate the adventure, but slowly and thanks in no small part to the many bloggers who detailed their adventures before us, we began to see a different adventure for Jack – and for us.  We began to dream about living… well…. everywhere.  And the live aboard, crossing oceans seed was planted.     The watering of that seed was done regularly by those wonderful bloggers before us – 3@Sea, Dirona, San Souci, Grey Pearl and later Ocean Pearl (whose boat we later purchased) and Pendana to name a few.  And they are the reason that I decided to blog.  We owe all of you a debt of Gratitude for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us so that we may “See the Invisible” .  So, while we aren’t even sure where this dream will take us, here we go!