Happy 4th of July!

Hello everyone and Happy 4th of July.  I say this even on the 7th of July because never have I ever found a more patriotic group of revelers than the folks from Massachusetts who have been having a party for a week.   Rumor has it this is due to the 4th falling on a Wednesday but we have our doubts.  They just seem to be enjoying this incredible weather and traditional down home holiday as though it were in their bones!

If only I could import a photo 🙂  Really, I am going to figure this out someday but in the meantime, Ill do my best to describe the sights that I see outside our wheelhouse doors.   We are on a mooring ball going back and forth to the dock to visit Alec’s brother and his family via dinghy.  We were originally at the dock but a snafu resulted in us having to leave on the 5th.  This has (as these things always do) turned into a very fortuitous thing as sitting here in this incredibly beautiful anchorage with the safety of a mooring is fantastic.   I can see in a 270 degree view boats of every shape size and color and fellow boaters who share our deep appreciation for all things nautical.  We are listening to music provided by a party at the yacht club who rented us this mooring and every door and port is open allowing the not to be believed cool 70 degree air to drift through the boat.  The beach is blanket to blanket covered with Bostonian’s not missing this glorious day and I can see nary a boat, house or business not waving the beautiful Stars and Stripes.  We did see some fireworks on the 4th in this small town of Onset, MA; but the big cities had the big displays.  This small town will have theirs tonight just about 500 yards from our “Gratitude”.  Hoping to be upwind for this adventure!

To bring everyone up to date quickly –  We had the longest passage ever for us last week when we logged 66 hours underway.  The weather was phenomenal and the trip otherwise unremarkable – just the way we like it!

We arrived here to be greeted at the entrance to the canal by Peter, Alec’s brother, who gave us a dinghy escort into the marina.  Peter and Anne treated us all (April and Paul as well) to a beautiful traditional New England dinner of lobstah rolls and some clam type specialty called a quahog (sorry Anne, Im sure I got that wrong).  In any event, both were delicious and the evening could not have been nicer.

Since then, we celebrated Jack’s birthday aboard Gratitude after enjoying a perfect home town parade.  Celebrating with us were Peter and Anne and their daughter and son-in-law and granddaughter, Grace (Jack’s age).  Grandma Jean and Grampa John from St. Mary’s in Stuart who live part of the year in Rhode Island.  Another record – 12 people aboard for dinner in the salon.

Yesterday was a bit rainy – perfect weather for Jack to dig into his lego project and I opened the first paperback book of the summer.  We opened the doors and turned off the generator so without the extra power to run the vacuum and washer/dryer – what was I to do but relax and read.  Darn…..  🙂  Anne and Peter came to dinner last night and tonight we will join them for dinner and watching fireworks.  Some of Anne’s family will be there as will Paul and April.   More celebrating!

Tomorrow we leave for Maine.  Planning a short trip up the Cape Cod Canal followed by a 25 hour passage.  Looking so forward to meeting more friends from Stuart.  Jenn and Jay Lovett will be meeting us to spend the week.  Hoping to get some hiking in the Acadia national park and who knows what else!

Thanks for reading and hope this finds you celebrating our beautiful independence with loved ones!  God Bless America!!!!

Jack got this 2000 piece lego set for his birthday.  Below is the final piece coming together.  Congratulations Jack!!

Published by cruisingwithgratitude

Alec and Laurie Thyrre (both retired airline pilots) are making an effort to share and experience as much of this beautiful planet with their now 11 yr old son Jack and cat Pratt while traveling aboard a 64' Nordhavn boat. We started this adventure in 2018 and crossed the Atlantic in 2019.

One thought on “Happy 4th of July!

  1. Thank you so much for painting that picture, Laurie! I felt as if I were there in that port floating amongst all of the revelry and patriotism. I have said it about 200 times in the last year: New England is the only place to be in the summer! It’s americauna, and hometown, and all of the wonderful things we once-northerners remember from our childhood.
    I was in Skaneateles NY (in the finger lakes region) for the 4th of July 2 years ago, and had that similar wave of contentment. There were picnickers by the lake, almost everyone wearing red white and blue, against a backdrop of halcyon sky and crystal clear water, and a sense of civility and charm permeating throughout.
    Your writing brought that feeling back to me while I read it. Thank you for your beautiful stories!
    God Bless You and Alec and Jack and Gratitude!!


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