Goodbye Charleston!

After enjoying a week in this fantastic city, it is time to say goodbye.  While here, we immersed ourselves in the rich history of this city – From  Fort Sumpter, the place of the first shots of the civil war in 1861 to the Flight Deck of the aircraft carrier US Yorktown we had a great time exploring and learning.    We stayed at the Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina which gave us an opportunity to take advantage of some of the creature comforts we are missing aboard – Jack – the swimming pool.  Mom, the weekly massage I have come to crave and we all loved the abundance and quality of the amazing food!  Jack tried his first ever gator and grits! (not at the same meal 🙂  He liked the gator but passed on the grits – me too.    We all loved the local specialty of pralines – essentially cream, butter, sugar and a few nuts.  Crazy delicious!!!  And we had a chance to do laundry in large machines getting it all done in a hurry.  This is a big plus as Pratt hasn’t been feeling well necessitating more than one change of the bedding this week.  Our wonderful vet is sending meds which will hopefully help but he has been feeling much better the past few days – for now…  because, the plan is to leave at 3:00PM today with the slack tide to head to Wilmington, NC.    We should be underway for approximately 20 hours.  Depending on how much we love it – we will either stay there or go next to Bald Head Island.  Our eventual plan is to be in Southport Marina to celebrate my Step Fathers 80th birthday and see family on the 16th.

We all love hearing from you and we miss you.  Hope all is fantastically well at home! XO


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